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The book

Information about the book.

The transcript

Essentially this is the story of how my wife and I got together (the power of cake, and how to organise a first date in 23 emails (if you think I’m kidding, think again)), plus a quick overview of the backstory of our lives (east meets west in the land of kangaroos).  We didn’t record it, so this transcript is all we have to show for it.


The origin of this site

This is the very longwinded story of why and how I created “the transcript”, and then ultimately my e-book, and then this site (2 weddings, a chance find in an op-shop and a non-romantic takes on Shakespeare head on).


Should I marry ?

Hook up or not ?  If I do, marry or live in a de facto relationship ?


Am I in love ?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know.  If that’s your situation, here are some ideas to help you to try to answer this question. 


Is love relevant to marriage ?

You might be surprised at my views on this: it’s nice for those about to marry to be in love, but it’s not necessary for, nor is it enough to ensure, a happy marriage.


Can I be in love with more than one person at the same time ?

In my view: yes.  (But, for most of us, you can only be married to one person at a time.)


Am I marrying the right person ?

A pretty big question.  A pretty big answer.  In a nutshell, if you are contemplating marrying someone who you like, respect and are compatible with (both generally and sexually), go for it, unless, of course, there is a deal-breaker.  Pretty simple, really, so why have I written a mini-book on this topic ?   

Resolving partnership conflicts

Conflict.  It’s almost inevitable.  It’s not necessarily unhealthy.  But it can be.  Find ideas on how to minimise its chances of arising, and of how to deal with it in a way that will keep your relationship healthy.  (Walk, talk, and talk some more.)


What should I give as a wedding present ?

A perennial question.  A practical answer.


The ins and outs of pre-nuptial agreements

A look at the non-legal aspects of pre-nups.


Advice concerning children

A non-parent sticks his neck out.  A long way !

As time goes on I will add further bits of information on the blog attached to this site.

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